City Tour - SP

Meet São Paulo - 5 hours

Come and enjoy the main tourist places and discover the incredible phases of urban development.

Pricing from:

BRL $230

Portal Campos 1.jpg

Campos do Jordão

Discover Brazilian Switzerland - 10 hours

Come and be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of Mantiqueira Mountains and enjoy the charm of Campos do Jordão.

Pricing from:

BRL $360

Portal Holambra.jpg


The city of Flores - 8 hours

Visit to 3 flower productions and city tour through Holambra to learn about its history, traditions and culture.

Pricing from:

BRL $360

Cantareira trilha (2).jpg


Trail through Cantareira Mountains- 6 hours

Ecological hike along of trails passing by waterfalls and cultural visit to the old water supply system in São Paulo.

Pricing from:

BRL $260


Panoramic Flight

Helicopter City Tour SP

Come and see the main tourist places from a new point of view and discover the phases of urban development.


Check out

Aparecida Basilica Nacional da passarela


Cultural and Religious Tour - 10 hours

Tour to the largest Marian Temple in the World, in addition to a lot of history about the city, Aparecida and Her miracles.

Pricing from:

BRL $360

Tour de Praias mirante do maluf.jpg

Beaches Tour

Santos, São Vicente and Guarujá - 8 hours

Tour the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of São Paulo State, as well as a lot of history and culture in Santos.

Pricing from:

BRL $330


Waterfalls Park

Adventure Hiking - 8 hours

Amazing hiking through the Rain Forest beside of Pereque River with its rapids, natural pools and huge waterfalls.

Pricing from:

BRL $360


Walking Tour

Wlalking Tour trough Liberdade - 3 hours

Fantastic walking tour to learn about the history of the Liberdade district, its legends, curiosities, temples and museums.

Pricing from:

BRL $175

são roque.jpg

São Roque

Wine Route and Shopping - 10 hours

Visit to the best Wineries, as well as an afternoon of shopping at the Catarina Outlet Fashion.

Pricing from:

BRL $395

3 Praias praias branca.jpg

Paradise Route

3 Beaches Trail - 10 hours

Ecological trail passing through 3 deserted beaches on Santo Amaro Island, the right destination for nature lovers.

Pricing from:

BRL $360

cachoeira Jamil 3.jpg

Jamil Waterfall

Hiking in the Rain Forest - 8 hours

Ecological hike along trails passing through the Virgens Lake, waterfalls and natural pools in the Jamil Farm.

Pricing from:

BRL $360