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  • Minivan: Dobló or similar
  • Van: Renault Master or similar


Capacity / Luggage:

Minivan :

  • Up to 6 passengers with or without hand luggage
  • Up to 5 passengers with small luggage
  • Up to 4 passengers with medium or large luggage

Van :

  • Up to 15 passengers with small luggage
  • Up to 12 passengers with medium or large luggage



Minivan :

  • São Paulo - One way: BRL 650.00
  • São Paulo - Roundtrip: BRL 950.00
  • CGH Airport - One way: BRL 650.00
  • CGH Airport - Roundtrip: BRL 950,00
  • GRU Airport - One way: BRL 800,00
  • GRU Airport - Roundtrip: BRL 1,400.00
  • VCP Airport - One way: BRL 900.00
  • Airport VCP - Roundtrip: BRL 1,600.00


Van :

  • São Paulo - One way: BRL 940,00
  • São Paulo - Roundtrip: BRL 1,680.00
  • CGH Airport - One way: BRL 940,00
  • CGH Airport - Roundtrip: BRL 1,680.00
  • GRU Airport - One way: BRL 1,140.00
  • GRU Airport - Roundtrip: BRL 2,080.00
  • VCP Airport - One way: BRL 1,440.00
  • Airport VCP - Roundtrip: BRL 2,680.00


Value Includes:

  • Air-conditioned private transportation
  • Driver in Portuguese
  • Meeting at the arrival gate (arriving at the port)
  • Fees and taxes

Cruise Terminal - Port of Santos


    The CONTRACTING PARTY's voluntary cancellation must be formalized in writing or email and sent to VIDA & ENERGIA, according to the established deadlines and penalties: cancellation up to 2 days before the service: fine of 20% of the contract value; less than 2 days: total contract value. Failure to appear on the day, time and place determined for boarding will be considered no-show, implying the total loss of the amount paid without the right to refund.


    Transfers take place only with a driver in Portuguese. If the passenger is looking for a transfer with a bilingual driver, please consult the Reservations Center;

    Transfers are carried out without the presence of a tour guide, if necessary, consult our Reservations Center;

    Rates valid only for departure / arrival at hotels located in the city of São Paulo. For cities in the metropolitan, inland or coastal region consult our Central Reservation;

    Travel agents should carefully observe the relationship between the capacity of the vehicles and the amount of luggage for each passenger. This observation is very important so that passengers' comfort and safety are not compromised.

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